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Play Therapy Toys

I often encourage parents to play with their children in their homes and discuss the potential benefits of doing so. I have had several parents ask me if any toys are okay, or should there be specific toys chosen for the play times. In answer to those questions, here is a detailed explanation of which […]

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YMCA Healthy Kids Day Event

The Kid Counselor was invited on Sat. Apr. 14th to host a table at the annual YMCA Healthy Kids Day event. The Palm Harbor branch was very gracious to let us inform the community about our services and about Play Therapy in general. We want to thank the Suncoast YMCA organization for their help in […]

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Learning Styles of Children

Many parents struggle with feeling that their children do not listen to them, or “must learn the hard way”. It seems no matter how many times you try to teach them something, they don’t get it. Sometimes, it can be even more frustrating that kids don’t put what they learn into practice. Something to consider […]

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Communicating with and Understanding Your Child

Communicating with your child can sometimes be difficult and frustrating. Children often do not verbally share what they are thinking and feeling, which makes understanding their moods and emotions a challenge. But, there is good news- you know more about what your child is communicating to you than you think! (more…)

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Tips for Disciplining Children

As discussed in the February 26 newsletter, discipline remains a very difficult area of child rearing for parents. How do you balance being a parent and a friend? How do you show unconditional acceptance of your child but also set clear limits on behavior? (more…)

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Child Freedom and Independence

As discussed in the January 22 newsletter, parents often find it easier to do things or answer for their children than to sit back and allow the children to respond in their own way or time. This is a sticky situation as parents certainly want to help their kids, but can also prevent their children […]

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Birth Order

As discussed in the January 1 newsletter, birth order plays a significant role in family dynamics and personality. Birth order affects every person, and is often a topic that is neglected when looking at the behaviors and characteristics of children (and adults). (more…)

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