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Stop Saying “No”!- Tips for Positive Parenting

Children learn best from experience and instruction, which requires parents to set limits on behaviors. However, that does not mean children need to be told “no” hundreds of times each day. Studies show that toddlers typically hear the word “no” 400 times daily, which you can imagine gets tiresome for the parents and the child. […]

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The Problem with Labeling Children

We live in a society that labels everything. We have labels on our clothes, our cheeseburgers, our meat and produce, and the list goes on. We like the convenience of neatly packaged words so we can sum up the person, place or thing and know what to expect. However, especially with children, even harmless labels […]

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A Praise vs. Encouragement Lesson From My Driveway

The more I learn about Play Therapy techniques and principles, the more attuned I am to recognizing when to use them in everyday situations. There are not many dinners out with my husband where I do not recognize and observe opportunities for parents to have used a more effective technique with their children. Along the […]

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Common Sources of Behavior Problems in Children

I love “people-watching”. I go to malls, grocery stores, parks, etc. and watch how people think, behave and speak. Sometimes this is enlightening for me, and I am able to understand certain things about families. I suppose because I am trained in recognizing patterns and behaviors in children, I frequently observe children acting out and […]

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Developing Self-Esteem in Children

A child begins to develop and build self-esteem as early as 3 years old. Self-esteem and self-acceptance come from many different influences and areas, but work together to help a child establish a self-concept. The more opportunities given to a child to be comfortable with him or herself, the more positively he or she will […]

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The Real Danger of Cyber-bullies

The schoolyard antics of the past are easy to visualize: larger kids picking on smaller ones, the tough giving the weak a hard time, the popular jock demeaning the anti-social geek. However, the most severe cases of bullying in the 21st century occur not at school but in your homes. Welcome to the world of […]

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