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Tips for Disciplining Children

As discussed in the February 26 newsletter, discipline remains a very difficult area of child rearing for parents. How do you balance being a parent and a friend? How do you show unconditional acceptance of your child but also set clear limits on behavior? (more…)

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Child Freedom and Independence

As discussed in the January 22 newsletter, parents often find it easier to do things or answer for their children than to sit back and allow the children to respond in their own way or time. This is a sticky situation as parents certainly want to help their kids, but can also prevent their children […]

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Birth Order

As discussed in the January 1 newsletter, birth order plays a significant role in family dynamics and personality. Birth order affects every person, and is often a topic that is neglected when looking at the behaviors and characteristics of children (and adults). (more…)

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Memorable Holidays with your Kids

As discussed in the December 18 newsletter, the holidays can be very busy and stressful times for you and your families. Often the focus becomes gifts and events, rather than special times with your families and loved ones. Unfortunately, children’s senses are filled with messages that scream “Buy me”! However, the memorable pieces of holiday […]

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Childhood Stress

As discussed in the November 27 newsletter, childhood stress is a very real and significant concern. The busier and more dynamic families become, the greater the potential for children to become anxious and stressed. (more…)

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Limit Setting

As discussed in the November 13 newsletter, Limit Setting can be very effective for giving children the ability to make good choices and understand the consequences for their wrong behavior. Children learn that they are in control, and rather than being told what to do, they are allowed to make guided decisions about what is […]

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