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The Four “Pillars” of Play Therapy

The four “Pillars” of Play Therapy are the foundational skills that Play Therapy is built on. Dr. Brenna Hicks gives an overview and examples for each of these skills. This video is foundational training for any parent looking to add Play Therapy skills to their parenting “tool box”. Hi, I’m Dr Brenna Hicks, founder of […]

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All Feelings Are Valid

In this episode of The Play Therapy Parenting Podcast, Dr. Brenna Hicks talks about the play therapy skill, reflecting feelings, and why it’s okay for parents to simply reflect a child’s feeling back to them, and then stop! We tend to want to solve problems for our kids, or try to make our kids feel […]

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Roles in the Family

One of my favorite things about working with children and their families is the role that every member assumes. I can almost always identify which role a child has adopted in the family, based solely on what the parents describe about them in the first meeting. (more…)

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Why Childhood Diagnoses Are Usually Inaccurate

I am consistently surprised by how many parents meet with me for the first time and tell me that: a) Their child has been diagnosed with something. b) They were told that their child needs to be assessed for a diagnosis. c) Their child has been prescribed medication. d) They think they need to have […]

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Stop Answering Your Kids’ Questions!

So, as a continuation of my last post about why we need to stop asking kids questions and make statements instead, I think it is equally important to acknowledge that when kids ask questions, they are making statements, too! Wait… hang on! We are finally wrapping our heads around turning our own questions into statements, […]

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Stop Asking Your Kids Questions!

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself (pun intended) how many questions kids are asked every day? How was your day? Why did you do that to your sister? What made you think that was okay? What did you do at school? Why are you upset? How many times do I have to ask you […]

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The Many Dangers of Technology for Kids

My son started a new school this year. It is a charter school that has no electronics or technology. No televisions, no computers, no tablets, no ipads on which to complete homework. Until the 10th grade. NONE. They couldn’t even watch the solar eclipse in their classes this week, because there was nothing on which to […]

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Kids Struggling with New Academic Levels

I am always surprised at how many of the kids with whom I work are 5, 12, and 15. And although it seems like those ages have nothing in common, the thread that ties them together is that they all represent the shift to a new academic level: kindergarten, sixth grade, and ninth grade. For […]

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