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Make Playtime a Priority!

As discussed in the October 30 newsletter, there are many reasons to consider creating a specific time each week set aside solely for the purpose of play with your children. The benefits stretch into many areas, and it allows you to enjoy time with your family. (more…)

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Choice Theory

Children are often defiant and parents find it very frustrating and difficult to get children to obey without resorting to a battle of the wills. Choice Theory allows for parents to completely eliminate arguments with children about compliance, while encouraging children to develop important skills. (more…)

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Encouragement vs. Praise

The differences between encouragement and praise have become more widely noted in recent years, and studies have shown there is a long-lasting effect of each/ This article contains examples and information to expand your understanding of the topic, why encouragement is more helpful, and how to put it into practice in your homes. (more…)

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